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 有三种妈妈:Go-geting, Easygoing, Dedicated, Easygoing类型正是我想操作的,也是非主流操作手法。


Fu Yuanhong wakes up at 5:45AM every day. As a teacher in a Beijing middle school she leaves for work at 6 am, a little earlier than her eight year-old daughter leaves for her school. “I have a very busy day until 5 pm. I have to take care of my students. On my way back home, I keep calling their parents and talking to them. When I get home, I go through their homework and publish it online so that they know how their child did at school today. Then my daughter returns and I have to spend time with her, cook dinner. Even though her grandma’s around and helps, it is all very exhausting,” she says.

changingchinesemothers, kunal

Cai Zhao Rong’s husband looks after the family business in Xiamen, and she helps him manage his fleet of delivery vans from home. She’s on the phone much of the time, but her child is always within sight when at home. She tells us, “I am responsible for my child like a housewife. I do not need to work outside. The child needs a mother’s care and my husband does not want the old to take care of the child. If I go out, there is no one to take care of my daughter. I think the most important thing is the child’s education and I’m afraid of her being left behind in her studies.”

When Xiao Yan returns home from the shopping mall in Shenyang, where she works, at 6 in the evening, there’s dinner to be made. “After doing the housework, and taking my bath, I look at my son and all my tiredness disappears. He is so considerate. He tells me to lie down, pounds my back and sometimes I just fall asleep,” she says. “Occasionally I check his homework, but he says he’s finished. I check nevertheless.”

Ma Yili is one of the most popular actresses in China. Last year, she walked away with the Best Actress award at the prestigious Changchun Film Festival for her performance in “The Good Man". Her own good man, Wen Zhang, is nine years her junior. Earlier this year, she gave birth to their daughter and put her career on hold to spend more time with her daughter. “Why not? I have plenty of time for work and filming in the future, but only such a short period in which to breastfeed my baby. I don’t dare cut it short. I want her nurtured in the best way,” she said in a radio interview.

Go-getting. Dedicated. Easygoing. All Chinese mothers are not the same. In a China where women indeed hold up half the sky, there are an estimated 320 million working mothers. That’s more than the entire population of the United States.

The least we must do is recognize the differences between them and go beyond the stereotype of a working mother, a mythical superhuman who can effortlessly balance the professional demands of an office, the emotional and sexual demands of a husband, play the nurturing role of a mother – and contribute to the advancement of society, all with the bat of a shimmering eyelid.

changingchinesemothers, kunal

changingchinesemothers, kunal

Indeed, Chinese mythology recognized the difference between a mother’s characteristics. The mother’s image was more identifiable with the power of nature than with nurture, or tender love. During the Shang Dynasty (1600-1100 BC), the sun was referred to as Dong Mu (East Mother), and the moon as Xi Mu (West Mother). The former was not all nurturing. The Goddess Xihe was said to be the mother of ten suns, which baked the earth so dry that many people died, Hou Yi had to shoot down nine suns and leave the one that we have today. Even Xi Wang Mu, the Queen Mother of the Western Paradise, is portrayed as a complex character. She has the fangs of a tiger and the tail of a panther. She lives alone and is protected by birds of prey and fearsome beasts. She also controls plagues and evil spirits. However frightful her appearance and her powers, Xi Wang Mu is a motherly figure to all the gods in heaven. In her enchanted garden grow the coveted peaches which she plucks and serves at a sumptuous banquet for the gods. She is an alchemist, or a person who practices the art of combining substances that will transform.

changingchinesemothers, kunal

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看到最新消息,VIRGIN 美国航空公司网站弃用FLASH,他们宣称为了让iPhone用户能够正确访问,不得不将网站改版,把Flash内容去得一干二净。

“之前的Flash给他们带来了太多的负担,要不是访问不能,要不就是占用过高,有些甚至还影响到了桌面用户,因此在他们看来Adobe插件被认为并不必要。 Virgin还表示将采用新的技术让iPhone和其它手持设备拥有更好的体验,并最终将网站转移到HTML5规范,让动画、可扩展图形和视频可以无需插件,并且无需消耗大量系统资源。”



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所以不要去构思眼镜的线下消费者活动,因为渠道不是你的,没有渠道会配合你做消费者活动。如果要做,也只能走经销商激励活动。所以,眼镜的活动开始推向线上,包括雷朋的NEVER HIDE CAMPAIN,也大多是在网路上做的。




以前也是摆个POSE,上一句SLOGAN。现在回到消费者的内心。是的,你戴上眼镜,会有很大的改变,但改变后的你才是真的自己。REAL YOURSELF。和品牌现状匹配,没有NEVER HIDE的RAYBAN那么嚣张。

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2010/01/01; 20:20;


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