Msn Premium

Microsoft made some mistakes recently.Source codes were relased to the internet not long ago,and today I saw a news,it is said MSN Premium is free of charge now since a flaw was found in the edition made for Verizon.Non-subscriber of Verizon simply types a fake email address with verizon.net suffix will get confirmation of register from Microsoft. Really? Sounds good,I can enjoy it without about 9$ monthly payment. I tried, it is true.I successfully became a subscriber of MSN Premium.The outcome is that I can enjoy a larger email space up to 25M,while formerly it was 5M.By the way,the face of MSN Premium is too luxury with some functions unnecessary Books I read this month 2004-3-5 ________________________________________ Two best seller,"Rules of Bloody Award" and "Investigation on China peasants",came to my sight,I certainly will not ignore them.After reading,it make me care more about bloody award class,say,people as ordinary as us. We pay our labor even our life for the hierachy'non-invasion,it is not a protect.Lurking rules is overwhelming and omnipresent in our society.We not only notice that but be hurt by it somewhat.It is the core point. The rationality of the lurking rules make me less angry for facts listed in "Investigation",tragedies derived from the transgressing of the boundary of the underlying rules. To solve the problem,we need find another balance. It is really interesting to look through things from that point of view,the author even explained Maoism by using bloody award methodology.Frankly,I think it is a bit elusive. These two years, I found I have strong interest in History and I tried to read more history books."Discovery Journey" series of CCTV9 and "Demiurge in Orient" inspire me to look through China history I learnt before. Now,I am reading "China, tradition and revolution" wrote by John King Fairbank in 1973.It is an old book,I bought it in 1994 with only one chapter read.10 years later,I am back to the origin. I read these books on the way to work
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