Virutal Brand Prolocutor

It seems popular for advertiser and agencies to adopt virtual brand prolocutors instead of those stars.It is nothing revelant with cost,though it may do so.We prefer to call it a shortcut for building up new brand or new extension of brand. Two typical cases came into my sight.One is Sammy for San Miguel Light beer, the other is Kehuer for lactobacillus drink.They are created by two notable 4A ad. agencies,Ogivy & Mather and Leo Burnett respectively. Both of them share their common points.The artificial virtual prolocutors are cute,naughty pranksters.They always mischief others,they act aimlessly,they hate bland and boring things,they think home is a boring place,they talk disorganized.On examing those points,I found it is really consisit with characteritics of youngsters aged between 15 and 25.A prolocutor shall represent the benifit of what they advocated for.They made it this time. In branding process,when we finally dig out the core value of a brand after a serises of interrogating brand problems,the task remained is to disseminate the brand's image,develop different channels to leverage in the marketplace.The brand image must be in tone with the core value,must be consist with characteristics of the target audienc. It is not easy,a big job ahead. We make that through TVCF,leaflets and events,all the ad campaigns bear the image adhear to its core value and customers' belief.Traditional leverages are indirect,like a pump onto a sponge. No one else can do better than himself can do.Virtual prolocuter display an vivid image in front of target audience,he can judge his characteristis,his hobby,his love and hate like we do it before when confronted with a person. if customers can project his image onto the virtual prolocutors,the branding arouse resonance.It is an ideal outcome. Comparing with traditional leverages,adopting virtual brand prolocutors is a shortcut for branding,especially for FMCG discipline.
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