The Way

重读DAVID MAYO的THE WAY,摘录我觉得特有用的几条。

1、Think like a Marketing Director, Act like a Marketing Manager.

2、We aim to over-promise and over-deliver.

3、Make your client famous.

4、Everyone loves a case history, take pictures and film of what you do.

5、Confidence builds bravery.

6、Don't sell things to clients they clearly don't want.

7、Play the ball, not the man, and never lose sight of your goal.

8、The end is the beginning.

9、See it through, be there from beginning to end.

10、Clever rogues always make their mark on history.

11、Write things the way you talk, talk in plain language.

12、Big people use their ability to listen and interpret. Months have the life of their own.

13、Be your consumer. Don't just try and think like them.

14、Everything is communication, and communication is everything.

15、Don't promote just for sales spike. Make what you do part of a grand theme to build relationships, brands and sales.

16、Shit happens,that's life, get on with it.

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